The Truth about Binary Options

The Truth about Binary Options

binary-bitsBinary options fall again in the criticism of the media. For mystery to us because it is precisely the large brokerage, the risks of highly speculative financial onlinescam product must represent binary options transparent. Again and again I read in forums that customers feel cheated or to complain about bonus conditions that subsequently demand a fee. Where you but that these conditions have accepted during the registration with the acceptance of the Terms and Conditions. You want to know the truth about binary options? Here she comes.Anyone who these points are not clear, before embarking on the binary options trading is not properly prepared.

What are Binary Options?
Binary options are highly speculative. They are therefore not suitable for investment. There are financial bets on possible price developments which are difficult to predict. Especially in the area 10, 30 and 60 seconds, it is almost impossible to predict a real rate scenario.

Opening an account

How earn binary broker money?
The trade binary options there are no spreads or fees. Opening an account is free of charge. The broker is funded solely on the margin. The results from the possible trading losses of traders. To a maximum of 70-90% (depending on the broker) return but earn 100% of your initial Online Scam investment lose. Now it is very difficult at 1,000 trades to generate profits statistically more often than losing. Since your chances are just in very short-term options actually only 50/50.

Binary options a bad deal?
Traffic will statistically lose your capital binary options without preparation and from the gut. So simple binary options are also to act, the more difficult it is long reap these profits. This is the point at which consumer advocates like to raise the index finger and demonize their excessive regulation binary options. Completely incomprehensible for us as the certainly very highly speculative financial instrument for certain applications has a significant benefit.

Investment without charge

Binary options are so wonderfully suited to exploit subjective short-term market fluctuations. You can open with a low capital investment without charge in a few minutes an account and benefit from up to 90%. As an example, the fluctuations USD / EUR are to be mentioned. The current Greek crisis may lead to an exit of the so-called Grexit. This would be a devastating blow to the world economy. It would be a precedent and would show investors around the world.

a.) A European country may leave the euro zone
b.) An EU country can lose EURO
c.) The EU zone is not as stable as believed

This would lead to a loss of confidence in the currency EUR, so that the euro would come under further pressure. So he would lose further against the dollar. At the date on which Greece would receive no support from the EU and would therefore withdraw from the European Union, the EURO would have suffered significant losses. This is the moment at which the price in one day more decreases than increases.Here now are the opportunities for you. On the chart shows that the price falls now. bought Periodically put options only mean trades can win in this case.